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I do feel that I need more practice, and I need interesting ideas. So I offer free commissions in exchange for it.

If you would like me to draw something, please suggest a topic and maybe a link to one or more reference images. Here are some preferred topics but you can suggest any topics:

- Portrait for yourself
- Cartoon portrait for yourself
- Animal
- Gadgets, weapons
- Landscape

Unfortunately I can make no guarantee about how long I will have to spend, or even whether I will accept it. But if I have it done, I will post it here on dA.

I am quite new for this, and I am trying to figure out how it works.
Hmm... I just cannot believe I've made it.

The collage is like a diary. Reviewing the photos, I can tell the story behind each photo.

I heard this thing from a friend of mine, who is a photograph lover. He didn't made it, actually no longer than 10 days.

I was not good at long lasting things. I'd rather spend a whole night in order to finish a long task instead of a couple of minutes for 7 days a week.
It's annoying to keep in mind that "I've got something to do  tomorrow. But I cannot do it now, I have to wait", anyway why don't I just finish them as fast as I could?

But I was just so interested in this project, and indeed I wanted to see that how far I could make it.

Before I made my decision, I've already been in the middle of another project, which could be called the 1-hour-piano-per-day project, if you really want a name.
That was not a formal project, just my another hobby, I'd like to develop my skill, while I don't want to be exhausted playing for hours some day.
So my plan was simple, at most 1 hour, and thus if I've got unfinished pieces, I'll have to practice in the next day.
It turned out that the strategy works very well, in fact much better than I had expected. The truth was that indeed I had practiced piano for about 320 days out of those 365 days, and I am a witness of the development of my skill.

So, when I decided to try this project, I've working on the piano project for 7 months, which was a strong hint that myself may not be a obstacle.
What's more, one month before, I persuaded my sis to try this project, and started to watch her. She had a good start, which had given me more confidence. But unfortunately, she did not make it in the end, either.

I learned quite a lot from her experience. I've been always trying my best to keep a normal mood, no hurry in the beginning and no bored in the end. This was very hard to me.

One crucial problem is that I don't like to travel, which makes it very hard to me to find 365 different places/stuffs. But luckily, I've got many changes of travel during the year, you may have noticed the different places. Yes I feel very lucky about this.

Carrying on my camera, most of days I have to spend some time in walking around and trying to find something interesting. I have to keep my eyes sharp when walking, I forced myself to boost my sense and try my best to find the beauty/interest around me, which turned out to be not very difficult as I had thought. So, how many interesting things have we just missed everyday, I just think.

I did not have any idea about quitting, amazingly, unlike I had expected, probably because the daily task is so simple, now I believe this is the crucial point of the entire project!

Talking about daily task, I don't like post-editing myself, so I tried to find a set of parameters of my cameras, and develop my shooting skill, such that I don't have to spend minutes or even hours in editing the photos. Besides, I pay more attention to the content than the effect, which is definitely not a lazy excuse.

I copied and tried many tricks, which were really fun, there are still some I know but have not tried yet, I'll do that later.

I did exhaust my ideas, sometimes it was just too difficult to find anything interesting/special around me. You may have found that most of the photos are about still life, which differs from my plan. But I think I've taken just enough photos of my surroundings, just cannot imagine more I could find to support one more month. But I've been amazed that there are actually so many interesting stuffs around me.

I had planned to develop my photography skill, which has been indeed developed somewhat, but much less than I had expected. To me, the project is more like a training of mind, instead of photograph. I'm now stronger and with more confidence, I can control myself much better, I can feel it.

It's said that people may develop a new habit in a month, and taking pictures has now become as common as having meals to me. I may even feel uncomfortable not taking pictures a day, but I have to stop it and get used to it.

Now, I believe I've made it, what a big deal. And I'm now planning the next project, which should be something about drawing.

We will see.